A Call to Evangelism

Writing on a tissue paper is not easy but when you get used to it, it becomes fun. The same thing happens in evangelism. As followers of Christ, sharing the gospel to others is not easy and yet when your system gets the hang of it, it becomes fun and fulfilling.

But why don’t all Christians evangelize? Why are some of us afraid on sharing the gospel?

I believe the most common reason is fear of rejection. As a minister of the Word, here are the reasons why I love sharing the good news.

  1. It’s my ultimate YOLO.

 And just as each person is destined to die once and after that comes judgment,

                                                                                                            Hebrews 9:27

YOLO (You Only Live Once) – you do tons of activities because you want to experience a well-spent life. Those things really look good on bucket lists but for me, nothing tops evangelism. It’s something that doesn’t just please me but also my Maker. I am more excited to hear God telling me, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” than fulfilling my personal desire. Evangelism is the best thing you can do here on earth that you cannot do in Heaven. A perfect YOLO right?

  1. You’re planting seeds anyway.

I remember being bullied by my barkada because of my conviction as a Christian. I tried sharing the love of Christ to them but they just laughed at me. One day, I received a call from one of them asking me to pray for his relationship with his partner. He begged me to keep that call between the two of us and asked me not to tell it to our other friends. He was so blessed to hear the plans of God in his life.

Who would have thought that one of the people who rejected me will remember the gospel that I shared to him years ago? It’s all because of the seed that was planted in his heart. Regardless of how I felt when he rejected me, God was able to make those seeds to grow.

I’m just now waiting for my other friends’ seeds to sprout.

  1. It’s all about God.

I was walking in UP one time and saw a student sitting on a bench waiting for someone. The Spirit in me tells me to go to him and share the gospel. In my mind, “Lord, baka mareject ako” and “Lord parang nahihiya ako.” It took me half an hour just thinking of that. Then all of a sudden, the student stood up and walked away. What a waste! I just lost one of the best opportunities to share the love of God. Then I realized that all I was doing was to think of myself – making sure that in order for me to share the gospel, I have to feel good and to look good.

If we really want the love of God to show, we need to understand that sharing the gospel is all about God and not about us. The goal of the messenger is to deliver the message no matter how the receiver reacts. It’s our job to rally people but it’s God’s job to change their hearts.

  1. Love for God.

You will do everything, even weird and crazy things for the one you love. When I became a Christian, I decided to weekly write a journal to my future wife. After a decade, Joei received it. She was so happy to know that I’m trying my best to preserve myself for her.

We can effectively share the gospel if we love God. It might be weird and crazy to some but to us followers of Christ, it has made a great impact to our hearts. The more you love God, the more you will share. The more you share, the more you get in-love with God.

Let’s evangelize. No more excuses!

Mabubuhay ka nalang din lang, mag share kana. 🙂



It’s Time to Leave. It’s Time to Live.

It’s time to leave.

God has called me and my family to go back to Manila to reach out to the next generation of leaders. As a Campus Missionary, it wasn’t easy to transfer from one house to another as part of your duty to the ministry. You have to be sure that you heard the call of God undoubtedly.

God has given each of us a calling for His people. Apostle Paul was called to the Gentiles, Peter to the Jews and for me, I believe that God called me to the students. It’s a great honor to serve God and His people but I realized it would not always be easy. “Leaving your comfort zone” really hit me hard this time.

Here are my thoughts tonight:

The greatest hindrance of the call of God in your life is Comfort.

 Lipa Batangas became home for us – Comfy house, warm people, affordable goods, cheap restaurants and man… what a perfect weather! It’s a really good place to start a family. I wondered, why would I leave these things behind? Then it dawned on me that God called us to glorify Him and not to live a comfortable life. I remember a friend who believes that God is calling Him to a particular profession in a new place but is having a hard time pursuing it because he never left home. The idea of leaving his cozy spot stops him from fulfilling the call of God in his life. The greatest enemy of the call of God in your life is not fear of trying but residing in a comfortable lifestyle. Think about when your phone is ringing, how many rings do you allow before you answer the call? Minsan tinatamad kapa sagutin kasi ang sarap na nang upo mo o kaya naman komportable kana sa pagkakahiga mo. You’ll never know if that call is from a person who is about to bless you with a house or a brand new car. If you miss it, that person will call someone else to receive those gifts instead. Comfort is a blessing but it’s not your life.

 When God calls you, He knows you’re ready.

God knows when you’re ready or not so when God calls you to go to a particular place, you better go and pursue it. You may not be fully equipped or prepared but the provision of God will be there to sustain you and you have to be assured of it. Great things don’t happen to people who fail to be confident in the call of God. I’ve seen some of my friends missed great opportunities because “naduwag” lang sila. The next time you hear God calling you, that means blessings. Even if it doesn’t make sense, God knows you’re ready and by obeying Him, you give Him glory.

Leave everything behind…except the things God wants you to bring.

One of the most common mistakes of Christians when answering the call of God in a new place is that they fail to leave the things God doesn’t want them to bring. God wants us to be fruitful and productive. Whatever they are that might not help you enjoy the new season of your life, you have to leave it behind. I suggest you only bring good memories and valuable lessons from the past. There’s no telling what God can do to a person who is willing to leave everything behind for the sake of the call.

So what are you waiting for? Answer that call.

It’s time to live. 🙂


Happy Life Happy Wife.

I just want to honor my wife before the world and how grateful I am to have her in my life. I will never be where I am today without her. These are the reasons why my married life is so blessed:

  1. She challenges me.

We make decisions everyday. I always make sure that my decisions will not just benefit me but also the other people around me. I really loved it when Joei supports my decision for our family especially the ones when she tells me “ Sweet, I don’t think that’s God’s will for us. I don’t have peace”. I kid you not, she’s always right! I vividly remember the consequences when I didn’t consider her opinion. It was a total disaster. God has made me wiser because of my wife.

  1. She supports my calling.

This is my major consideration when I chose her to be my wife. When you marry a navy seal, expect him to be on the field and can die anytime on the duty. When you marry a celebrity, don’t be surprised if he is exposed to the media. The same thing in the ministry, if you marry a missionary, expects him to be out in the world ministering to different kinds of people. Joei knows that my heart goes to the young people. She helps me build up the next generation leaders. She cares for them as much as I do. With a lifetime partner like her, life would be so fulfilling and so much fun.

  1. She worships my God and helps me grow with Him.

Most of us believe in God but that doesn’t necessary mean that we worship Him. Worship requires sacrifice and dedication that includes time, money and effort. When Joei and I worship God, we make sure that we do our best to surrender our lifestyles to Him. The way we handle money, the way we manage our time with Him and the effort to build unity with everyone. It’s very crucial to have a partner with the same faith because this will make you mature spiritually. Every challenge that comes your way, quitting will never be an option because both of you know how to fight and win together and that can only happen if you both believe in the promises of God.

You only choose a partner once in your life (especially if you call yourself a Christian and believe in one true love). Make sure to choose someone who can help you grow in God. Just remember the scripture: 

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. Proverbs 12:4

Joei and I celebrated our 5th Year and 3 months last June 14. With all the things that happened to us, I can say that God must have loved me so much for allowing one of His most precious gifts to be with a man who’s not worthy of anything. Just the thought of that keeps me falling inlove with her everyday.

Thank you Lord for my wife. I love her more than my life.

Nono Listens

It’s so nice staring at the window, partly sunny at 4 degrees and I can’t help but list down some thoughts God has been speaking to me for a couple of weeks now. I’m so glad that despite of all the howling winds, I can still recognize His voice.

I got so amazed with the story of King Solomon. It’s so amazing that when God asked him what he wanted, he didn’t respond for riches, fame or long life but he requested WISDOM instead. That’s a million–dollar question right there – of all the things available in the universe, why would you ask God to make you wise?

I realized that when someone asks God for wisdom, everything else follows – from riches and health to making the best decisions in life. No wonder King Solomon became the wisest person in his time and achieved everything he wanted.

There’s another thing that made sense to me. As Christians, our first job is to KNOW GOD first. This means doing everything in your power to know and experience God in your life. It’s like courtship, the more you know the person, the more you fall in love. Once you stop, it changes the game. Everything becomes meaningless when we stop knowing God – that’s a sad twist of the life story of Solomon when he gave up seeking God and wrote down the book of Ecclesiastes.

This I believe is how we should pray before asking God for our petitions – To KNOW HIM and to have WISDOM everyday. This will bring you to a different level of faith. Blessings and success will be inevitable.

Everyone hears God but it’s a choice to listen and obey.






No point. No one’s perfect.

I was on my way home earlier when out of nowhere a tricycle cut me. I know I was on the fast lane when all of a sudden this fat manong crossed in front of me. I got mad. I stared at him and he stared back at me, murmuring something. I just drove away keeping an eye on him just to leave him a message that he wouldn’t want to mess with me. Then a few meters away, I realized I’m a Christian. A Pastor by profession.

I was reminded of a verse I Matthew 5:48,

“Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect”.

I was thinking, “What was that all about Lord?” I’m not perfect, no one’s perfect even if he or she is a Christian. Everyone I know including great leaders of faith fail at some point. No matter how much we try, we know that we will still make mistakes. Yup, we know that Jesus was the only man who lived a perfect life for 33 years and he didn’t make even a single mistake. He is a great example but are we faking ourselves to believe that we can become like Him? If we know that we’ll still miss the mark in the future, then what is a Holy life all about? What’s the point?

Then I read the few verses before that.   I believe I found the answer from verse 43-47.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. “For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? “If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

The word “love” was mentioned four times from those five verses. The reason why I don’t get the concept of perfection is because I failed to understand and comprehend the love that God wants me to experience and to share.  Perfection is not about doing good things or being faultless. It’s about going through the process of experiencing God’s love. Therefore we must not focus on becoming perfect but to live our lives with a perfect God.

Crimes happen because of lack of love. Relational dysfunctions happen because of lack of love. Wars happen because of lack of love. Imagine a world where every man shares and demonstrates God’s love to others. I believe that would be the only time we can experience a perfect world.

Unlike other gods, only Jesus had to go through death on the cross and resurrected just to demonstrate how authentic God’s love is.  He’s the only key to grasp the real definition of a perfect love.

What’s the point? No one will be perfect unless he or she understands and experience the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Mahirap pero kaya. Pag nakita ko uli si Manong, magsosorry ako at magpapakilala na binago ako ng pagmamahal ng Panginoon. Kapag hindi siya nakinig pauulanan ko siya… ng prayer.


No not Biblical? What is a Time Machine for?

Maybe you’re wondering if I lost my common sense when I wrote the title. Of course, time machine is not real. I just love watching time travel movies and I even dreamt of having one of those devices. I just wondered one time, why wouldn’t God allow time machines or time travel? Here are my thoughts:



– We think that if time machines are real, then it’s easy for us do whatever we want. We have all the courage to do things and take risks because we know that we can just undo it once the outcome didn’t meet our expectations. It’s true but it doesn’t mean we’re free. We have to remember that true freedom only happens if we allow the consequences of our actions. Meaning, we can only enjoy the outcome of our choices if we acknowledge the results of what we decided on. If we undo things and go back to the past, it’s no longer freedom. It’s slavery to discontent.



– Our past is designed as our reference to the future and we do it by “remembering” them. Yes, there were bad moments in our lives that we want to forget but the only thing we should forget is the pain that it costs us, not the event itself. This is the very reason why we learn from them. Time machines do not only erase our past mistakes but our past lessons as well.



– We have this notion that what makes God a supreme being is if He can do whatever He wants at any place without any bounds of time. We can only manage activities in a particular moment but we can’t control time. When Jesus said in John 14:12 that “you can do greater things than these…” it means we can surpass what Jesus did and be like Him but never become Him. You can ask yourself, “If I’m willing to have someone become greater than me or do better things than what I did, am I willing to remove myself from the picture and allow that someone to play me?” That would be freaky isn’t it?


Time machine is not real but there is a place in the Bible that transcends time and space – and that is only available for those who believe.



No No Way I’m a Dad

It’s been two weeks since Baby Macy got out from her Mommy’s tummy and we’re so busy doing everything to enjoy every moment with her. I thank God for families and friends who helped us during Joei’s labor. I also appreciate our friends all the way from Manila who visited us despite of their busy schedules. This is a total new season for us and I can’t explain how I felt when I saw Macy in the hospital for the first time. I’m excited yet no words can describe my emotion during at that time. Well, I am a Dad now.

I keep hearing people say “grabe, kahit sobrang pagod mo maghapon at magdamag, nawawala ito pag nakita at nayakap mo na baby mo” but I’m not sure if I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t feel that way. Yes, there is no denial that we’re blessed to have a baby but every day is a challenge to be intuitive and to know what time she will cry or poop. Every night we have to wake up every 3 hours to feed her. There were times that she would pee just right after I changed her diaper. She shrieks a lot and we don’t have any idea what’s going on even after we did everything we can to know the possible reason she cried. Ladies and gentlemen, having a baby is not easy. It’s very challenging and you need a lot of patience. Nakakapagod.

I believe the only way for us to say that having a child is the most precious moment of your life is when you understand the heart of God towards us. Everytime I feel uncomfortable and impatient I always see our baby the way God sees me. Every 3 hours I need to be appreciated. I sometimes sinned just right after I asked for His forgiveness. After every blessing and victory He has given me, I still doubt and worry about things. Ladies and gentlemen, being a child of God is not easy. Everyday is a challenge and I thank Him for His patience. Hindi Siya napapagod.

He is the greatest Dad of all. Thank you Lord for accepting me as one of your children. Your love brings light and understanding. Your provision directs my purpose. You always care and protect me. Nothing in this world can take away Your love from me. Even though we’re the least possible being in the universe, You still see me.

Having Macy in our lives is the best thing that happened to us. It’s not about how I feel but how I commit myself as a Father to her. I commit to love, care and protect her. I will do everything to lead her to the destiny that God made for her. No matter what she does, nothing can separate my love from her.

That’s how I see Macy. Our Baby. 🙂